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Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC)

Talk to your employer about receiving state tax credits for contributions to the JASP supporting our Japan in the Schools program. Tax credits can be more attractive than a standard charitable donation because they reduce your actual tax bill, dollar-for-dollar, not just your taxable income. Tax credits are utilized AFTER your tax liability is established.

  • Follow the detailed instructions on this PDF to apply, or visit the EITC website for more information.
  • Upon approval, make the company's donation to the JASP.
  • Receive a credit to offset business tax liability equal to 75% of the contribution for one year, or a credit equal to 90% of the contribution if company commits for two years (annual maximum of $300,000)
  • Entire contribution may be deducted 100% against federal net income, allowing the donation to cost the business nothing.

EITC participation can offset Personal Income Tax of S-corporation shareholders, partnerships and limited liability company members. Whether you work for a major corporation or your own small business, "pass-through" entities can receive the credit. 

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